Multi Queen shirt
#997 Size 16.5 35
Combat Rock
#994 XL 35
Combat Rock
#993 Large 35
Striped shirt
#961 Size 15 35
Anarchy in the UK
#916 Size 16.5 40
#1017 XL 12
Have a Rotten Day
#1006 Large 12
Safety Pin Queen
#1003 Small 12
#986 Medium 12
#907 Small 12
Combat Rock
#962 Medium 12
Vive Le Rock
#959 Large 12
#957 Medium 12
David Bowie
#931 Large 12
Oliver Twist
#928 Small 12
Anarchist Punk Gang
#926 XL 12
Fuck Punk
#232 Small 12
Giant Blind Queen
#902 Small 12
#879 Large 12
#875 Small 12
#870 Medium 12
#859 Size Large 12
Dirty Devil
#258 Size Large 12

Original alternative punk designs and Seditionaries reproductions.

Screenprinted on t‑shirts, shirts, dresses, tops, hankies and patches.

21st Century Punk Rock Clothing by Michelle Brigandage of London UK. A range of alternative punk rock clothing, including men's and women's shirts, t-shirts and dresses in sizes up to 4xl.

Sexy Hooligans

Unique designs printed and made in house by Brigandage.

Seditionaries reprints

Vintage 1970s British punk prints by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. RePrinted in the same way as the originals. Worn by The Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Siouxie, Adam Ant and more.

Printing information

The t-shirts we use are 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom Heavy and Screen Stars Lightweight unless otherwise stated.
Shirts are cotton / polyester and sourced from major suppliers unless otherwised stated.
Please allow 5 WEEKDAYS (NOT weekends) for printing and posting.

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